Silicon Valley based SMT Rail Corporation was established in 2010 by inventor JP Mobasher. The company brings together top engineers, scientists and investors to realize a global vision of cost-effective and hyper energy-efficient elevated rail systems serving both rapidly emerging and established metro areas. Smart Mass Transportation Rail (SMT Rail) is the result of Mr. Mobasher's extensive research and development work dating back to1987. For the last seven years, he has studied transportation patterns and issues in over 200 cities across 31 countries in order to improve his design and ensure the greatest "bang for your buck" is achieved for investors. In terms of value, the low-cost high-revenue profile of this unique transportation system places it in an asset class all its own.

System Uniqueness and Value:

SMT Rail has been designed from inception to be the world's greenest high-speed Smart Mass Transportation system. A new generation of ultra-light weight nanomaterial alloys, reclaimed from recycled materials, is used to create an extremely durable and resilient structure designed to last up to 120 years without major maintenance. Implementation of our patented nanomagnetic reverse levitated drive system minimizes energy waste and requires 200x less energy than traditional maglev. Leading edge solar energy collection technology has been incorporated into the design, eliminating fuel and electricity expenses. Advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) automation for passenger and cargo logistical processing means fewer accidents and lower operating expense. The greatly reduced cost of installation, long-term maintenance and overall operation puts SMT Rail decades ahead of the competition.

Company Profile:

Each county requires different modes of transportation based on their regional cultural fabric. That's why our team offers over 120 years experiences in the field of planning and mass transportation design, manufacturing and system implantation in order to address each client regional needs, challenges and requirements.

SMT Rail Corp. offers manufacturing licensing to countries and private companies around the globe for local use as well as export.

Trade Mission Goals:

SMT Rail Corporation seeks to partner with innovative public-sector agencies and private-sector firms in order to promote both environmental protection and sustainable economic prosperity. We believe that successfully meeting the growing demand for advanced 21st century transportation infrastructure requires developing mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. This means productive collaboration with all stakeholders in the planning, designing and the implementation of our eco-friendly high-speed rail system. The goal is a development process design and final transportation system that protects the environment while being responsive to the real-world needs of the general public, government and investors.


Uses a combination of electric and magnetic systems that require very little energy to operate. The amount of energy the system requires will be generated using solar technology. Thin film solar panels will be placed all along the rail line that will supply the energy required to operate the system. This makes the system with a zero carbon foot print
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