The revolutionary design of SMT Rail offers many advantages over existing modes of passenger transportation such as buses, monorail, taxis, passenger trains and high-speed rail. The system is also a cost-effective alternative to standard freight transportation such as cargo trucks and trains.


ENERGY EFFICIENCY A combination of electric and nanomagnetic technologies are combined to create a clean eco-friendly system that requires very little energy to operate. The energy required is generated entirely by solar power collection. Thin film solar devices are incorporated into the surface of the rail to create a massive solar farm, which supplies the system operating power.
SILENCE SMT Rail's reverse levitation system produces no friction and therefore no sound. This technology completely eliminates noise pollution and improves the quality of urban life. An SMT Rail car passing directly overhead produces only 20db of sound. Normal human conversation is much louder at 60db.
ACCIDENT REDUCTION The system is designed to be fully automated under advanced A.I. (artificial Intelligence) and runs above street level on elevated tracks, eliminating the need for drivers and contact with street-level pedestrians and automobile traffic. This reduces accidents, especially those related to human error.
ACCESSIBILTY Ground-level stations provide maximum access to its riders especially to those with special needs. The system is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
USER-FRIENDLY A fully interactive visual and voice command map system in multiple languages guides passengers through the a self-serve ticketing process. Apps for mobile devices allow passengers to program their ticket on their way to the station. The interactive map system can be used to display advertisements and generate additional revenues.
ALL-TERRAIN DEPLOYMENT This sustainable light-weight system does not need to be connected to a power grid. Therefore, it can be deployed as a long-distance system running through all types of terrain. It is elevated, silent and emissions-free so that means low impact on fragile ecosystems and protected areas. SMT Rail's tower-based infrastructure greatly reduces the need for bridging and tunneling and leaves the surrounding area pristine and undisturbed.
ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE Reduced cost of installation and operation when compared to other modes of transportation. Significant secondary revenue streams from surplus solar power energy sales and advertising in Karts and stations. Good profit margins provide for timely recovery of invested capital.
RESISTANT TO NATURAL DISASTERS SMT rail's tower-based infrastructure and Karts are strengthened by advanced nanomaterial alloys and can withstand adverse natural events such as floods and earthquakes as well as rain, snow or sand storms and hurricanes. In many cases, SMT Rail service will continue uninterrupted during conditions which would bring conventional rail systems to a complete halt or even cause major damage.
24 HOUR SERVICE SMT Rail is the world's first fully-automated Smart Mass Transit system capable of delivering on-demand passenger and cargo service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with safe, quiet green mobility.
LOW MAINTENANCE Has very few moving parts thus eliminating noise, wear and tear. This increases the life span of the system and reduces maintenance costs.
SPEED The recommended speed of operation in urban settings is 70 MPH. However, SMT Rail is designed to travel at a normal cruising speed of 300 MPH outside of the city. It is technically possible to reach cruising speeds up to 500 MPH, which is useful for long haul travel across large empty geographical areas such as deserts.
COMFORT AND PRIVACY Passengers can enjoy a soft, quiet and fast ride while taking in spectacular views of the city or nature from their elevated Kart. Karts come in several sizes, including smaller 5-passenger Kart which permit a single rider to ride alone or small groups, such as families, to travel in privacy. All Karts provide WiFi Internet access.
VERSATILITY SMT Rail offers a variety of passenger Kart sizes ranging from small 5-passenger to large 30-passenger models. These can be combined to create the perfect fleet for any service area. The system also carries cargo containers from 10 to 27 tons. SMT Rails also offers the and also provides the world's first mass transit cars transporter system. Cars can be affordably transported with or without on-board passengers at high speed (300 MPH) from city to city, thereby saving on fuel and reducing travel time.
FITS INTO EXISTING CITY INFRASTRUCTURE The elevated system has a very small tower foot-print and can be installed easily in the center meridian of existing streets, boulevards, highway and freeways without major roadwork. SMT Rail requires very little right of way, reducing the demolition of existing structures. That means there is very low impact on established business districts, historic neighborhoods and other important urban infrastructure. In very dense environments, a special single-track version of the system travels on the sides of the street (over sidewalks) instead of down the middle of the street, which means it can pick up passengers from elevated stations attached to any number of individual office towers and shopping centers.
SPECIAL PURPOSE APPLICATIONS SMT Rail can be customized for use in airports, shipyards, mines, theme parks and other public attractions including zoos. The system is ideal for large company facilities, educational campuses and hospitals. SMT Rail can be designed in many sizes and configurations, including special automation and robotic support for specialized industrial needs.
RELIABILITY The system is equipped with battery backup technology that will ensure uninterrupted service 24 hours a day / 365 days a year at a fraction of the cost of existing transportation systems.
SAFETY Advanced braking components, ultra-light Kart design, along with intelligent collision sensing technologies in Karts and infrastructure translates into many saved lives, both on-board and in the surrounding vicinity.


The SMT Rail Corporation's partnership goals are to design and build systems for communities around the world and to train each country to setup their own manufacturing plants for the construction and implementation of a regional transportation networks under SMT Rail royalty and licensing agreements.
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