SMT Rail's unique patented drive system harnesses the combined dynamics of electricity and magnetism to drastically reduce the amount of total energy needed to operate. It is self-powered by new solar energy collection technology.

SMT Rail represents a revolution in 21st Century Green Transportation.

SMT Rail is an automated, elevated eco-friendly Smart Mass Transportation (SMT) system. It is designed from inception to be the world’s greenest high-speed mass transportation solution. New ultra-light weight nanomaterial alloys, generated from recycled materials, provide a structure with unprecedented strength and durability. The system's proprietary nanomagnetic reverse levitated drive system greatly reduces energy consumption and waste. SMT Rail's unique solar energy collection technology powers the system and also produces additional surplus electricity for use by the surrounding community (approx. 1 megawatt /mile). Advanced A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) automates passenger and cargo logistical processing, reducing both accidents and overhead. The system's lower cost of installation, operation and long-term maintenance makes SMT Rail the world's most exciting mass transportation value proposition. This revolutionary transportation system provides clean super-fast passenger and cargo service in urban settings and over long distances without harming the environment.

SMT Rail will allow transportation agencies to provide the public with a safe low-cost on-demand transportation 24 hours day, 365 days a year. The system is designed to generate profits and eliminate the need for government subsidies.

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