SMT Rail provides customized system designs based on each client's unique needs and special requirements. We custom design the system, fabricate components and direct installation. SMT Rail also provides operations training and on-site support in all countries around the world.

We offer assistance to countries that wish to manufacture the system within their own territory under SMT Rail license and agreements. This reduces costs, creates jobs, stimulates the economy and allows faster expansion of their national transportation and energy infrastructure in the future. Under joint venture trade agreements and special licensing arrangements, the system can be manufactured for export to other countries within an agreed upon geographic territory. Exports help to create favorable trade balances and strengthen the country's economy.

The Right Choice for the 21st Century

The drawbacks and shortcomings of conventional 20th century mass transit such as public buses, light rail and high-speed rail are now well understood. The high operating costs, suboptimal service levels and environmental problems created by these legacy transportation systems often outweigh their benefits. Further, they do not rise to the challenge of the new eco-friendly zero-carbon “Smart City” vision of the New Urban future. SMT Rail offers an alternative path for allocation of capital and resources in the direction of smart, efficient mass transit that is (1) environmentally friendly, (2) economically sustainable and (3) passenger-oriented with many benefits.

Minimum impact on our fragile environment
Extremely user-friendly
Accessible to all population groups
Improves the quality of life
Super fast, quiet and versatile
Reduces city traffic
An easy and expandable system that can grow with the community’s needs without any major impact on the environment
Safe and virtually accident free by eliminating human error and fatigue factors
Offers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year low-cost transportation to the public
Much lower installation and operating costs compared to existing bus, light rail and high-speed rail systems
Emissions free and near-zero-carbon footprint. No more green-house effect.
Provides comfortable and secure day-to-day transportation for passengers and cargo

Future Uses

Transportation systems for Airports (passengers), Ports (intermodal container freight), Mines and Agriculture (bulk commodity cargo)
Long distance inter-city service and over-water island commuter lines

Meet the needs of the 21st Century with SMT Rail
The Smartest Mass Transit system on the planet


SMT Rail's nanomagnetic drive system takes energy efficiency in transportation to a new level. This enables the system to be completely self-powered by solar technology. Thin film solar panels placed along the the top of the rail line generate the energy required for operations, resulting in an emissions-free mode of transportation with a near-zero carbon foot print.

Standard Features:

Automated climate control
On-board surveillance camera and emergency intercom patch to command center operators
Smoke detector and foam-based fire extinguisher
Voice and touch command interactive map system for ride programming. The system is Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.
Choice of toll collection system custom designed per client needs
Choice of colors, materials, accessories and designs for Kart interior and exterior.

Available Options:

3 types of solar devices (panel, tile and nano-gel) with or without battery backup for 24 hours operations
Under mounted surveillance cameras for monitoring by cities’ agencies of choice
Multi- level sensors for earthquakes, typhoons and tornadoes

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